Tuesday, May 24, 2022

DCEC not planning own prosecution unit

The Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime says it would not establish its own prosecution unit.

The director of DCEC, Rose Seretse, told The Telegraph this week that “it wouldn’t be ideal for DCEC to have its own prosecution unit because that might compromise our own investigations”.

She explained that “we do have our own prosecutors who look at our own cases internally before they can be sent to the Directorate of Public Prosecution DPP”.

She added that after they have completed their cases, they will then send them to DPP who also look at the case and take a decision on whether to prosecute or not, based on the facts that are in the docket.

“Sometimes we do send the cases after completing the investigations to DPP and eventually the case is returned back to us by DPP simply because there were some areas that we overlooked,” she said.
Seretse added that “the DCEC cannot be a player as well as a referee, meaning that they cannot investigate and prosecute as well”.

She further said as DCEC, they have agreed with DPP that once they hand a docket to DPP, they should get a response within six weeks.


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