Friday, December 1, 2023

Debate over why women wear make-up

To some women, make-up sounds alien, but to some, make-up is part and parcel of their daily lives. They cannot leave home without donning a bit of that make up.

For those who wear make-up, there are some common basic reasons as to why they do so. Some of the common reasons why women wear make-up are so that they become more attractive and be more feminine. Make up can also be worn by women to make themselves look sexually appealing as well as to hide some flaws that they might not want people to see.

However, the debate still remains alive as there are both men and women against make up, voicing their opinions on the issue of women who wear make- up.

Nelson Direng is among the many men who are anti make up. He states that he is against make up because it makes women look like they are running away from their identity.

Direng holds the opinion that women should be original and true to themselves. He states that it is also misleading for men because when they pursue a girl with make-up, they are bound to see a different person the following day when she is not wearing that make up.

He further says that he has a perception that make up speeds up the aging process because of the many chemicals used to make the products.

Bachibili Nfila is rather caught in between.

She says the only form of make-up she wears is mascara and eyeliner because they make her eyes look sexy. She says that is as far as she can go with make-up.

However, she states that the reasons why some women wear make-up are that they are not confident in their own skin so they feel that make up can hide their imperfections.

She goes on to state that is not the case at all times because some women wear it just to enhance their beautiful features.

For Thato Regonamanye, make-up gets the heads up. She does make it clear though that she prefers natural make up that matches with her complexion and is hardly noticeable.

Regonamanye says that, to her, black is beautiful if make-up is applied it should be minimal. She says that some women use make up as a way to cover their low self esteem though some do it to enhance their beauty and feel good.

Some debates concerning make up have labelled women as not being liberated and being slaves to the cosmetic industry, which in turn generates millions off women’s insecurities.

The logic behind the debate is that the cosmetic companies are basically putting forward that women are naturally ugly and need to wear chemicals on their faces in order to be presentable.

However, debates like this have only received the cold shoulder because women are still wearing make-up and do buy those cosmetics to enhance their appearance.

The pressure to look good is intense with magazines splashing images of what the ideal woman should look like.

Possibly the only way to keep the standard is to wear make-up…or maybe not to?


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