Sunday, March 3, 2024

Defilement age to rise to 18 years?

Popular local deejay, Sidney Baitsile, popularly known as Dj Sid, set tongues wagging when he implied in one of the social networks that the government had decided to raise the age restriction for defilement to 18 years.

Government spokesperson, Dr Jeff Ramsay, dismissed the message as a rumour. “As far as I know, there has been no matter of intent to raise the age of defilement. It still remains at sixteen years. We are trying to establish the source of the rumour,” Ramsay said.

For his part, Baitsile said: “I got it from a friend on Facebook in the morning but I believe it spread faster after I copied the status to my wall.”

Baitsile was inundated with comments from friends who either supported or opposed the supposed statute.

One friend, who seemed to sympathize with those who could be caught off guard by the ‘new’ law wrote, “Do we give a grazing period to those who were already in love with an under 18?”

Sonny Serite’s comment seemed to be aimed at the lawmakers themselves. “As you make your bed, so you must lie in it. As they increase the age of defilement to 18, MPs must stay away from ma 14 (young girls) otherwise….. I’ll be watching you with my boy HYPERLINK “″Daniel Kenosi. Otherwise I have no problem with the law because I have always believed we should allow them to reach tertiary level, at least,” Serite wrote.

Another message went: “If 18 year olds are minors, then they should not vote at the general elections, and they should not be issued with driver’s licenses. I am 100% behind the new law/age adjustment for defilement.”

Baitsile questioned the logic behind being allowed to vote at age eighteen when the law also regards anyone under the age of 21 as a minor. A law, Dr Ramsay says, may have triggered the debate.

“The government should just synchronize the age limit to just one figure for minors, 21 or 18 years and 7 months.” Baitsile wrote.
One lady was particularly disappointed with her male friends who seemed to be against such a law. “My male facebook friends have just shown their hidden pedophile tendencies. What were your intentions with these kids?” she asked.

Another comment also seemed to take a swipe at our legislators and society in general: “The truth of the matter is that most teenagers around that age are very active sexually, and both sexes for that matter. After failing to address family values now we are hiding behind the law,” it read.

After a lot of uncertainty as to the validity of the said statute, Joe Serema seemed to encapsulate the whole conversation when he wrote, “It appears this supposedly revised law on defilement may just have been someone’s imagination running wild after all. Be that as it may, should government decide to take the hint from whoever started peddling this rumour, I would fully support the move… it is about time.”


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