Friday, March 1, 2024

Delegates to ponder porous plate at BFA AGM

The Botswana Football Association’s (BFA), weekend Annual General Assembly that is expected to update the nation on the progress of football for the past year has some items missing in the agenda.

The Telegraph is informed that the financial report and the CEO report will be some of the things that the 60 delegates that will attend the assembly will not get.

The BFA agenda assembly package does not include the financial report as it is required by law. According to the BFA constitution article 30.3, the formal notification shall be made in writing 7 days before the date of the general assembly. This notification shall contain the agenda, the president’s activity report, the financial statements and the auditor’s report and any other relevant documents.

Sources within the BFA leadership suggested that some of the things that could have delayed the financial report is the fact that women football money was deviated to other use and hence need for a thorough explanation to convince the delegates why women football was not activate. The issue of women football is a thorny issue among other BFA leaders that has created a rift within the BFA NEC.

They also suggest that some within the BFA leadership might be delaying the audit deliberately.

The other item that is said to be missing in the agenda is that of the BFA CEO report.

The BFA Chief Executive Officer, Ookeditse Malesu, when contacted for comment to share items of the agenda said: “That is an internal matter and it can only be known at the appropriate time,” he said.

Asked if the financial report by the vice president Marshlow Motlogelwa will be part of the agenda he said, “I cannot divulge what is on the agenda, it is an internal matter too,” Malesu said.

He further added: “We are still investigating a lot of things. What has been happening and where we are heading. I cannot confirm nor deny because it will compromise our investigations,” Malesu said.

“Go to those who told you that the agenda has changed to confirm the agenda for you. Those are the people who are destroying football.”

Malesu also failed to share the motions presented by regions that are due for debate.

Information further reveal that regions are given P30 000 per season. It said Motlogelwa called some regional chairpersons asking them to submit the audited report.  Regions who talked to this publication say they wonder where how he BFA expected them to have money to audit the reports when they were only given P30 000.


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