Thursday, May 30, 2024

Deputy Speaker kicks Minister Seakgosing out of Parliament

Deputy Speaker Pono Moatlhodi on Friday expelled the Minister of Health Dr John Seakgosing from the day’s parliament session for showing up in Botswana Democratic Party colours.

Moatlhodi faulted Seakgosing for contravening parliamentary rules and regulations by dressing up in BDP colours while attending parliament. He was alerted by Francistown South MP Wynter Mmolotsi who has in the past also been accused of showing up in parliament dressed in UDC colours “Parliament rules and regulations dictate MP’s should not come to parliament adorned in party colours or anything that symbolize or represent their respective parties,” Moatlhodi said, emphasing that the regulations applied to all political parties.

Dr Seakgosing turned up in parliament dressed in a red jacket, red tie, white shirt and a black trouser, complete in the BDP red, white and black party colours. “You are the ones who complained about Mmolotsi’s tendency to wear his party colours in parliament especially his orange tie,” Moatlhodi said. Seakgosing was the second BDP member to be kicked out of Parliament by Moatlhodi for turning up in Parliament dressed in party colours.

“Masimolole was recently expelled,” he noted, referring to Mogoditshane MP Patrick Masimolole who is also assistant Minister. Despite attempted interventions by Minister Dikgakagamatso Seretse and Assistant Minister Botlhogile Tshireletso, Moatlhodi would not go back on his decision to expel Seakgosing from the parliament.


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