Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Developmental Cricket ascends into a higher mode

As reported recently by the Sunday Standard, it is a busy year ahead for the advancement of Botswana cricket indeed.

Just last month, they were roughly 3000 children; this month the number of children enrolled in a local developmental programme aimed at the promotion of cricket amongst government sponsored schools has increased to 3281 kids.

The Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) has welcomed another four schools under the second phase of enrollment for primary schools within and around Gaborone.

The first phase started off the cricket year last month by welcoming 8 new primary schools to the initiation programme. Sunday Standard had briefed the country of the fast-pacing growth of the sport in governmental schools, and had also reported that because of the ICC century celebrations, BCA had promised more surprises and positive efforts at community building through the promotion of the cricket spirit.
To the delight of the BCA, the recently welcomed primary schools bought about 313 children into the programme. This time the new members are schools within Gaborone.

Lesedi Primary School had the highest number of cricket enrollments, with 109 students signing up for cricket lessons. Tsholofelo Primary school is second with 96 boys and girls joining the programme. While Ledumang Primary School followed with a student enrollment of 64 pupils, whereas the last school, Mafitlhakgosi, had 44.
Meanwhile, the BCA had introduced the concept of the Saturday clinic, which is a weekly clinic encouraging all under 13s interested in joining cricket to come to the cricket grounds and socialize.

According to the man who serves as the club’s treasurer and also heads the developmental programme, Girish Ramakrishna, the clinic has been met with impressive enthusiasm.

“We had over a 100 children from different government schools attending and we are expecting to see more as time commences,” said Girish. The BCA’s plans for the inclusion and involvement of teachers in the programme has also kick started with the planned Mini cricket session, which is scheduled for the 17 March until the 19th at the cricket club.

According to Girish, their plan is to get Solly Chotia, who is the national coach, to train and expose teachers to the basics of the game of cricket.
The teachers will be taught the necessary skills and how to teach their students the game in an enjoyable manner.

Saturday clinics are between 9am to 12pm.


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