Wednesday, July 6, 2022

DGC gets branding sponsorship

The Develop Gabane Campaign (DGC), a Non-Governmental Organization formed to address underdevelopment challenges of Gabane Village, got P5 000 branding sponsorship from Chape Estate Pty. Ltd. This happened during a workshop held at Gabane Community Junior Secondary School.

Moreetsi Gomang, the chairperson of the NGO, told The Sunday Standard that the workshop was meant to introduce it to members of the community through churches. All churches in the village were invited.

“DGC has all along been considered a youth organization. This is not the case. It is meant to mobilise each member of the community to partake in the village’s development. The youth are targeted as future leaders with fresh minds and bodies to start taking an active role in their village’s development at a tender age,” said Gomang.

It was because of this that the committee invited Tswelelang Maswabi, the Coordinator of Kgothatso Orphanage, to motivate the youth and other church members on the day. The Orphanage is run by the Lutheran Church, therefore, Gomang said, Maswabi’s invitation in his capacity as Coordinator and Church representative effectively introduced DGC as an organisation for the masses. It would also help to have a different voice other than that of the DGC central committee motivating its membership.

Furthermore, Gomang said the workshop helped appreciate the role churches played in development in the village and the country at large. The founding of the only senior secondary school in the village, Gabane Private Secondary, was spearheaded by the Catholic Church.

He said the workshop also updated the community about its achievements and the projects it is currently embarking on. On the 27th March the NGO met in a two-hour consultative meeting with the Senior Assistant Council Secretary (SACS) for Thamaga/Mogoditshane Sub District.

There they discussed, among others, infrastructural situation of Gabane Village. The NGO’s member, Terrance Monareng, had asked why funds are reportedly often returned during recurrent budgets while infrastructures are in bad state.

To this the SACS explained that recurrent budget does not refer to funds that could be used for development. It could be used for minor maintenance. This led to another query seeking explanation why such ‘maintenance’ has not covered ablution system and other requirements at Ga-Siko Primary School in the village. The school has struggled with the problems for years, but funds have been returned.

The SACS promised to attend to the queries raised. He promised to arrange for a tour of Gabane village to get firsthand experience of the village’s situation. This has raised their hope that in the future recurrent budget funds would not be returned.

The NGO is also at an advanced stage of its tutorial initiative. Through this, they hope to improve the results of learners studying for Primary school leaving examinations, Junior Certificate and BGCSE.

Former teachers, teachers and graduates have volunteered to provide tutorial sessions for such students. Since schools are spread across the village and there is no reliable transport, nearest venues to learners will be used for such sessions.

“We used to help each other in the evenings at Tshwaragano Brigade. That is why we are graduates.

Our younger brothers and sisters can also benefit from the same program. This is made necessary by the current situation where teachers are battling with their employer- leading to poor results. Our children should have support so that they perform like those going to English medium Schools. Those children pass because they have more time for study and revisions,” he said.

The workshop attracted the village leadership who organized catering for the whole day.


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