Friday, June 21, 2024

Dialogue between private sector and Government regarded as vital

During the recent workshop held by the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM), dialogue has been projected as one of the most required tools for the private sector and the government to easily confront challenges faced by each for the common good of the economy.

Welcoming the participants at the event last week in Francistown, the former Chairman of BOCCIM and Francistown prominent business man, Igbal Ibrahim, said that there had been lack of dialogue in1988 between government and the private sector, which had always led to the conflict between the two stakeholders. He stated that during that time government had felt that BOCCIM had a hidden agenda and only concerned about its benefits.

“The government then settled with the Private sector to tackle challenges through dialogue and further reaching a consensus on issues pertaining to the economy of the country, thus leading to the formation of HLCC(High Level Consultative Council),” said Ibrahim
He stressed that ever since such initiative, BOCCIM has reached a remarkable success and has been an example to other foreign countries as far as Chile. He indicated that such initiative has seen the government and the Private Sector work together very well.

Ibrahim said this was a very good way of solving problems from the root level to the higher level, adding that dialogue was very essential as issues came up in the open and be tackled between the parties.

The former BOCCIM chairman urged both the Private Sector and the Government to guard the spirit of dialogue between themselves and continue as a role model for other countries.

“There is still need for us to work hard so that we maintain our reputation and hold our position,” he said.

He went further to explain that there was still a need for the Private Sector to collectively voice its concerns to the government because the truth was very important.

“We are currently facing challenges as our diamond revenues have dropped due to the world economic crisis; there is need for the Private Sector and Government to come up with strategies or innovative ideas to combat the challenge,” said Ibrahim.


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