Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Diamond Technology Park expands in line with growing industry

The Diamond Technology Park wants to be at the same pace as the growth of the diamond industry as seen by an ambitious project to develop a state-of-the art, four-storey office building with 4000 square meters of lettable office space as an addition to its existing infrastructure, complementing the DTP and its vision of housing the local industry.

DTP and SAFDICO Chief Executive Officer, Rutang Moses, told Sunday Standard that the park has been successfully built in phased development, provides a secure and efficient environment for the diamond industry to flourish in a centralised convenient location.

“The Botswana government is actively promoting Botswana as an international diamond centre, the relocation of the Diamond Trading Company (DTC) from London to Gaborone enhances efforts to turn Botswana into a world recognised diamond centre,” said Moses.

She also pointed out that the move will help create business opportunities for local companies, the diamond industry and those servicing the industry.

“Our short-term vision is to establish an ambitious building to accommodate the envisaged expansion of Botswana as the worldwide diamond centre for downstream diamond activities,” she explained.

She stated that their long term vision is growing with as diamond industry complimenting the Diamond Technology Park with its objective to service the international diamond industry from Botswana.
“The new building is scheduled to be operational in the second half of 2014,” she stated.

The DTP CEO also emphasised that the DTP has created employment for over 800 people and anticipates that the project will further address Botswana’s need for employment creation, skills development and beneficiation.

She noted that the construction has just started and they have started clearing and now putting up the infrastructure adding that the building is targeting locally and internationally tenants mix of Blue chip diamond companies similar to the current DTP tenant mix.

“Office space for tenants will design tailor made space, uniquely suited to specific requirements and ideally positioned. The premises will be delivered to the tenant on a turnkey basis,” said Moses.

Moses said the building is estimated to cost over P75 million.


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