Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Dikgafela rejoins, but no big fish yet for BDP

Botswana Movement For Democracy (BMD) is a party on the brink of collapse because it is haunted by an ‘immature’ leadership, former BMD interim committee chair, Armstrong Dikgafela, said on Monday as he rejoined the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).

Dikgafela, Roseline Panzirah, Ruth Kedikilwe, Sasa Nthite, Kudzani Tobokwane and Kagiso Kwelagobe were paraded at a packed BDP press conference as the party’s latest catch just a few days away from its 50th anniversary celebrations. All the new recruits are from the BMD.

Speaking at the press conference shortly after being ushered in by BDP secretary general, Mpho Balopi, Dikgafela said that all was not well at the BMD. He said some of the founding members of the party had quit the party while some had withdrawn completely from activism. He sighted Sidney Pilane, Guma Moyo, Kabo Morwaeng and Jaftha Seroro.

He said the major problem lies with the party leadership, which he said is immature, vindictive and malicious.

He said party President Gomolemo Motswaledi is a dictator with no leadership qualities.
“The party has immature leaders,” he said.

He said Motswaledi has frustrated their efforts to build the party. Dikgafela also claimed that the party leadership prefers to work with their preferred stooges and added that their decision to quit had also received some blessings from key members of the party central committee.

“A lot of BMD members are unhappy with Motswaledi’s leadership style and they shall be following us…BMD is falling apart because of its ailing leadership.”

He continued: “I apologise to President Ian Khama and the entire BDP members for having left the party during a time when we were needed. The problems besieging the party when we decided to leave were exaggerated and I believe we were drawn into personal fights,” said Dikgafela.

He also revealed he intends to sue Member of Parliament for Francistown South and BMD secretary general Wynter Mmolotsi for his claim that they had been induced with cash to rejoin the BDP.

“It is nice to be back home and we are ready to serve the party everywhere and anytime where our services and skills are needed,” he said.


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