Friday, June 21, 2024

Dikgosi offer mixed reviews of Ipelegeng

The poverty eradication strategy, Ipelegeng, which was introduced by President Dr. Ian Khama came under severe scrutiny at the just ended Ntlo Ya Dikgosi with traditional leaders concluding that the programme was nothing but a shot gap measure which is not viable going into the future.

Despite general consensus that the programme was hopeless, several speakers also complimented the programme insisting that it at least puts food on the table for a majority of the country’s economically troubled masses.

While he acknowledged the bad social effects of the programme such as dependency syndrome, Kgosi Kgosidialwa Moalosi argued the programme was a better devil to live with.

“Our people are better off with the programme…at least they can put food on the table,” Moalosi said, adding that there is need for stringent supervision in order to promote seriousness and dedication.

For his part, Kgosi Peter Johanne Chika III expressed concern at the way workers sleep during working hours. “They say they sleep during work hours…but that is the disease everywhere. Even in the public sector we see them sleeping during work time.”

Overall, the Dikgosi urged stricter supervision of the workers as it instills employability skills which are beneficial in the long run.

In the 80’s, Ipelegeng then Namola Leuba used to employ the aging populace, but now the project is now a lifeline for able-bodied graduate youths. The brainchild of President Ian Khama’s administration, employees under the programme earn a measly P460, while supervisors pockets P540.


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