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Dilo Dilo Clothing making trends beyond borders

The fashion design industry of Botswana has seen a lot of new labels mushrooming every season.

For those with a keen interest in local fashion trends, Dilo Dilo Clothing is the latest popular clothing line to ever hit the streets. It is a youthful clothing brand, which was created and invented by Kago Koontse.

Dilo Dilo Clothing has a wide range of t-shirts as well as sweaters.

It is based in Botswana, but already the label is known in countries like Malaysia.

Koontse says he mainly targets youthful markets, mostly varsity students. He says that he initially came up with the name Dilo Dilo in 2007, whilst he was still a student at Botswana Accountancy College. “I started with Kabo Olesitse, who later came up with the label ‘akoomin’, and Oaitse Kgomotso, who later came up with the label ‘I just got paid.’

They couldn’t find jobs so they ended up creating a logo and people showed interest in what they came up with.

Dilo Dilo is a fully operational business situated in Gaborone and has already created employment for at least three.

“I could not do this alone, so now I have Mpho Kgosi as the marketing manager. Thobo Sennanyana is employed as the operations manager, and says he sells close to one hundred t-shirts every second week. Ashley Alexander, a socialite, is employed as events manager, since Dilo Dilo also has events to promote the clothing line.”

He continued: “My future plans are to have my own store, it’s not a dream but it’s in the pipeline. I want Dilo Dilo to be a well-recognized brand, such as ama kip kip. As long as people continue to support the brand, I know it will do well.”

At the rate at which graduates are unemployed, Koontse made it his duty to come up with a clothing company.

“I’m an accounting technician by profession. This is, however, a full time activity, or rather a business for myself as well as my profit sharing partners.”

He says the market is very good and in 2011 Dilo Dilo will be expanding to South Africa where they shall go into retail with their sister label, titled, ‘LOVEDREAM’.

“It’s partner is Tumi Moeti, who is based in Johannesburg,” Koontse says. “It is more innovative and will have ranges released seasonally.” LOVEDREAM has various items of clothing, such as leggings, jackets, hooded sweaters and tops. It will be more concentrated on women’s clothing.

There are numbers to call to get merchandise at different campuses in Botswana as well as in Malaysia. Get yourself a t-shirt. For your Dilo Dilo T- shirts in Botswana call Mr. Dilo Dilo: 71256170, Punkie: 72384123 (Limkokwing Campus), Thobo: 71352434 (UB Campus) and Posta Mack: 72286335.

In Malaysia, you can contact Lewa Mmopi at Multimedia University, or on tel. +60166481701


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