Thursday, July 18, 2024

Dingake faces the BFA axe

Like a big sword held by a hair of a horse’s tail over the head of Damocles, an axe is allegedly hanging over the head of Botswana Football Association (BFA) Disciplinary Committee (DC) chairperson Martin Dingake.

According to sources, there are ongoing nocturnal meetings within the BFA to dismiss him from his duties. His undoing, according to sources, is his acquittal of First Division North (FDN) chairman Mpenzeni Sambadawe and his executive committee.

Two weeks ago, Dingake and his DC took an unpopular decision to acquit the FDN executive committee from the allegations of misappropriation levelled against them by BFA.

The committee had been suspended from football for the past two years following a decision by the BFA National Executive Committee (NEC) on the 29th October 2018.

Dingake’s ruling came following a back and forth exchange of letters between the FDN and BFA as the FDN sought reinstatement.

In their letter, FDN committee had indicated that their charges be set aside and they be reinstated to their positions.

In the aftermath of the ruling, the BFA appealed the decision as they believed ‘the matter cannot be determined on account of delay as the matter dragged for long.’

This week, the BFA was left with an egg in the face as it once again lost its appeal for a stay of execution, meaning Sambandawe and his committee will be back in their position.

Sources close to the matter revealed to Sunday Standard that the decision to reinstate the FDN committee by the DC was not welcomed by the BFA top brass hence allegedly fingering Dingake incompetent.

“The BFA is not impressed by Dingake and his committee and they are definitely planning for his exit,” the source says.

“They believe that despite the time factor, crime does not rot and the P168, 000 allegedly still unaccounted for remains a crime committed by the FDN committee,” the source explains.

The source went on to say Sambadawe and his committee will have to dig deep if they are to return to football matters soon.

“It will not be easy as the BFA is of a view that they have brought football into disrepute as they failed to account for football funds,’’ says the source.

Meanwhile, the local football mother body has however denied any knowledge of a plan to axe Dingake.

The BFA mouthpiece Tumo Mpatane said: “We are not aware of such developments in our offices and cannot comment further on the matter.”

The BFA states that Dingake is still part of the BFA and that no decision has been taken on his future with the association.


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