Monday, July 4, 2022

Diplomatic tensions brewing between Botswana, Kenya

A diplomatic row between Botswana and Kenya is brewing following the recent attack on Botswana High Commissioner’s residence in Kenya.

Valuable items and an undisclosed amount of money were stolen during the armed robbery.

Botswana demands that appropriate action should be taken against the perpetrators while, on the other hand, the Kenyan police have no clue about the suspects.

Information reaching The Telegraph suggests that Botswana has asked Kenya to provide full information following the incident in which Botswana High Commissioner to Kenya was attacked and robbed by about six gunmen at her residence in the capital city Nairobi.

It is understood that the Kenyan authorities have not made any breakthrough in arresting the perpetrators or even to establish the motive behind the attack.

Botswana strongly believes that the incident is related to terrorism even though the High Commissioner and her family were not harmed.

Botswana is believed to have sent some security personnel to Kenya to undertake separate investigations of the incident.

The Botswana government is worried about the state of security at its missions, especially in Nigeria and Kenya, due to the active and rampant attacks by Boko Haram in Nigeria and Al-Shabaab in neighbouring Somalia.

A source within the security agency revealed that numerous letters had been written to the ministry on how the ministry can improve the security of Botswana missions.

“We made some recommendation to the ministry that basic security measures, such as bullet proof windows and even doors, should be put in-place.”

The source pointed out that the lives of ambassadors and their personnel are at risk and government should act before it is too late.

Responding to a Telegraph questionnaire, Gobe Pitso, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said, “The matter is very sensitive but an unfortunate incident happened in Kenya and the Government, in conjunction with the relevant authorities in Kenya, is on the case and investigations are ongoing.”

He added that that appropriate action has been taken to ensure safety and security of the family.
Pitso, who was very reluctant to give information, said that the issue of security at Botswana’s foreign missions is a question of both national security and personal safety of the officers and their families.

He further stated that protection and security is the responsibility of the host Government, in partnership with the sending Government.

Asked what measures had been put in place, he replied that the Ministry would not discuss or divulge specific measures put in place, as this may compromise the very security they are trying to provide.

The Daily Nation of Kenya reported that the Diplomatic Police Unit, boss Allan Sangoro, said that about six armed thugs accessed the diplomat’s residence along Baobab Street in Runda after digging through two blocks in a perimeter wall.

The paper said the armed men found the ambassador in her house and ordered her to surrender the items but nobody was injured during the incident.

No suspects have yet been arrested.


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