Monday, April 22, 2024

Diraditsile nets BONA top post

By Patience Lephogole

Over the weekend Freedom Diraditsile was appointed as the secretary general of the Botswana Netball Association (BONA) when it held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) and their National Executive Committee (NEC) elections.

She beat Kelebogile Maplanka, who was disqualified on technicalities, to the position.

Speaking to The Telegraph Sports, Diraditsile said she is honored to have been nominated and given the chance to showcase her talent.

“I am excited to serve in my favourite sports and to the best of my interest; I have long wanted to contribute immensely to the growth and development of netball in my country,” she said.

Diraditsile further expressed how her position will help her achieve all she has ever dreamed of. She said: “My position will allow me to give direction and clarity to BONA’s strategic and development.”

She believes her vast experience and long time service in netball fraternity will not go wasted. She said “I have been in the netball field for a long time now and I believe my experience will go in handy when it comes to taking netball to new heights.  I wanted this position order to ensure a smooth transition from the way things have been done, raising the profile of BONA to attract investment for programme development.”

“One of my goals is to see how as BONA we can make netball to have more followers just like football and other sporting codes in Botswana, by developing partnerships with both private and public sectors and expanding our current membership base,” she added.

On the other hand, Oteng Masole has been appointed as Vice President Technical after getting six votes, his rivals Boyki Rathari getting three votes whilst Onkabetse Keselang got two votes, with three being spoiled votes.

Asked on his new position, Masole said he is humbled because he has been available in netball for years now. “As men, we have not been having representatives in terms of administration jobs, hence my appointment. Netball politics have been sidelining men, although they have been active in sport,” he added.

“I am aware of challenges that I will face during my tenure in office, however I will work on those, hence my nervousness. I still believe I can offer a lot in terms of coaching at the courts than at the offices, however, people saw potential in me, I shall not disappoint,” he added.

He further added how the BONA President inspired him during her speech, “My plans are to recruit more men to come forward and offer their expertise, to show that all are equal, because strength as a nation relies on all.”

“I will try establishing peace in netball whilst developing it and focus on encouraging coaching frameworks, which will beneficial to BONA. Moreover, it is good to form relations with all stakeholders to work hand in hand with all structures from grassroots to the highest level,” he opined.

Moreover, Masole added that he is looking forward to being part of BONA. “We will go far as netballers if we work together,” he concluded.


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