Thursday, April 25, 2024

Director gives entrepreneurs tips on how to get ahead in the business world

The Managing Director of Vivid Insights, Batsile Koontse, says not all business owners are good business leaders, adding that just because one has a good concept, or is able to motivate its kick-start, does not mean they are able to lead or manage the day to day operations of the company. Motivating aspiring entrepreneurs at a business breakfast at Jeycel’s Bistro Restaurant at CBD Monday morning, Koontse said,” It is for this reason why you should engage administrators. You should engage a Communications and marketing person if you lack in the skills of doing that role, instead of burdening yourself with lots of tasks only to prove to be a failure.” He also explained to the attendees that while IQ is natural, emotional intelligence can be learnt as evidenced by the numerous number of successful entrepreneurs who have no tertiary education, while some Degree holders have nothing to show. “Your language should communicate, and should not only be a talk. Manage your relationships. Give more and expect less. The reason why some people get easily frustrated and end up being frustrated is because they expect more and give less.

Perceptions have roles in business. Plan your own goals alongside career goals,” he said. An aspirant Kefilwe Baeti expressed regret over the fact that Batswana entrepreneurs do not value networking, yet foreign investors beat them through this strategy. “For instance, if you go to an Indian business and ask for say, incubators he will tell you, I do not have that in stock, but will refer you to my friend who has it. He will then direct you to a fellow Indian businessman. I do not know whether it is because as Batswana we do not like to see another person advancing in life or what. We should change this,” said Baeti who aspires to venture in Hydroponics farming. The organiser of the event, Rebaone Odirile of Brainpower said he noticed that SMEs in Botswana never advertise in newspapers or any forms of media. While they reason that they do not have funds for advertising, which is a form of branding, he said there are strategies they can apply which can reduce costs. Brainpower in conjunction with the News Bureau organised the event with the view to bring aspiring entrepreneurs face to face with oil entrepreneurs to find requirements of joining the oil industry. Vivo Energy and Zac Construction sponsored the event with the Vivo Managing Director, Wayne Kingwill highlighting on their programs to empower indigenous people. The event attracted various entrepreneurs, and another seminar is scheduled for January 2017.


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