Sunday, February 5, 2023

DIS new head promises a fresh start at the intelligence agency

The recently appointed head of the Directorate of Intelligence Services, Peter Magosi has said the DIS is now entering a new dawn.

He also promised a cultural sea change at the organization.

Since its inception, the DIS has grappled with a wave of public resentment and popular disapproval.

Addressing a media conference in Gaborone on Friday, Brigadier (ret) Magosi said it is important for the DIS to open up to various stakeholders, including the media.

He invited the media to judge him based on the results of his job.

He acknowledged that at the moment the DIS does not enjoy much currency and goodwill from the public. He blamed it all on the culture at DIS, which he said he will be changing.

Magosi replaced the DIS founding Director General, Isaac Kgosi about a month ago who was sacked by President Mokgweetsi Masisi under dramatic conditions.

Magosi said there is a lot of work to do to teach the public about the importance of the intelligence services. He plans to hire a Public Relations Officer to deal with both the public and the media. He assured the media that DIS under him will open up to scrutiny as provided for by the Act establishing the agency.

“We understand the crucial role played by the media. Your duty is to keep the nation informed. We view you as part of the checks and balance,” said Magosi.

A detailed presentation was also carried out by one of his officers to teach the media about the different forms of intelligence gathering and uses.

“Without the media, as intelligence services we would feel like one of our legs has been amputated,” he said.

He implored the media to embrace the new culture that he will be inculcating at the DIS.

On another note, he said the DIS will henceforth coordinate its operations with other agencies like the military and also the Police.

“We understand well that we can’t operate in silos. Otherwise there will be too many grey areas. You will see the difference with time. I can assure you.”


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