Friday, March 1, 2024

Disang calls for girl child protection

The National Women’s Football Committee (NWFC) chairperson, Itsholeng Disang has implored Regional Football Associations (RFAs) to guard against girl child abuse and social ills. Disang shared her sentiments recently during Women’s Football Annual Assembly. She said if girls are not secure and protected, they will not engage in women Football.

“Though we want to aggressively reorganize regions into full functioning structures we should ensure that we play in safe, secure and conducive environment in line with Women’s Football mission which is ‘To provide opportunities and a conducive environment for a girl child and women’.

“The Girl child must be always protected against social ills. The bad things that might happen to girls will deter them and others from engaging in football. Safer environment is not an option but a must. We must protect our girls all the time in and off the field. I plead with you to always be professional and report all immoral deeds to the relevant authorities for action. Let’s all guard against girl child abuses,” Disang warned and advised.

Passionate Disang further encouraged her colleagues to intensify women regional competitions so that it develops and can be played in all Botswana Football Association regions like their male counterparts.

The Women Football leaders were commended for their commitment and passion of working hard towards developing women football in the country. “Your volunteerism and commitment indicate that you have women’s football in your heart and you wish to see it develop and become better. Your passion and dedication for the game is unquestionable. Collectively our efforts towards transforming women football can be seen in foreseeable future and the benefits will be seen even by skeptics within the football fraternity. Note that nothing is impossible if we all approach everything with a positive mind and attitude” she encouraged regional delegates,” she said.

She advised that though Covid as compounded challenges they must embrace technology and use platforms available to meet and share ideas so that growth of women football can be realized in all BFA regions.

The chairperson also advised that they must always be realistic and fair when they engage in meetings so that the challenges can be addressed timely without wasting more time and resources. BFA stopped local football competition last year march and since then they have never been domestic competitions.

The BFA leadership is yet to start the new season after the 2020/21 season was nullified before it could start.

She said it is vital that people deliberate with objectivity in their minds with conviction to build a stronger women’s football structures. She told her colleagues in women leadership to work extra hard since Covid pandemic has brought more problems.

“To gauge progress and success each region must evaluate what it has achieved in the past season, their challenges and come up with solutions to mitigate against the reoccurrence of such challenges going forward. This should be guided by identified opportunities each region has. This day also provides an opportunity to network and share success stories because it will help us to forecast the future in our respect regions,” she said.


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