Sunday, November 27, 2022

Dismissed Anglican priests take Church to court

Two warring factions of the local Anglican Church diocese will on August 1, 2008 fight it out in the Lobatse High Court.

The applicants in the matter are some local priests who were dismissed from their positions in the Church late last year.

This followed a long war of words between the church’s Archbishop Trevor Mwamba and the local priests who are alleging unfair treatment by Mwamba in preference to foreign priests.

Their complaints, amongst others, were that they were never promoted to positions that suited them and that foreigners were given better remuneration.

They further charged that the church was continuing to import foreign priests whilst there are locals to hold such positions.

They stated that they were not necessarily against foreign priests but that their numbers were causing great concern.

After listing these concerns, the local priests said that they sought audience with Mwamba on several occasions to iron out these difficulties but that he had put impediments to this on all those occasions.

On the first scheduled meeting, the priests said that Mwamba had invited foreign priests to the meeting and that they refused to attend because they felt that the issue had nothing to do with the foreign priests he had brought along without their permission.

On the second occasion, which was the last one, they said that Mwamba had again brought along with him a member of the church whom they felt needed not attend the meeting because he was an ordinary member of the Church and not a priest whilst the meeting was supposed to be for priests.

All these, they said, were clear signs that he had no intention of addressing their grievances. After this happened, the concerned local priests were dismissed from their positions as priests of the Church for allegedly failing to follow the rules of the Church.

The conflict came to a head early this year during the funeral of Esau Mosime, one of the dismissed priests.
During that funeral, a high level delegation from the Church walked out of the funeral after the inclusion of the dismissed priests in the funeral programme.

The local priests will in this matter be represented by Kgalalelo Monthe of Monthe, Marumo and Associates.


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