Sunday, June 23, 2024

DISS places Masire under 24 hour surveillance

The Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) is planning to install surveillance cameras and wire taps at former President Ketumile Masire’s official residence to keep tabs on him and eavesdrop on his private conversations.

As source inside the DISS told Sunday Standard Masire’s official residence is currently under renovation and the spy agency has decided to seize this opportunity to beef up their surveillance on Sir Ketumile. The electronic surveillance is over and above the personal surveillance by security agents assigned to provide security to the former president.

It is understood that Masire has been on the intelligence watch-list for some time, but the spy agency decided to beef their surveillance after the former president’s speech at Gomolemo Motswaledi’s funeral, which the Botswana Democratic Party command felt was subversive.

In a letter published exclusively in the Sunday Standard two editions ago, Sir Ketumile dared the BDP leadership to grill him on what he said during Motswaledi’s funeral.

In the letter, Sir Ketumile, stated that, “ three weeks ago Mr Mpho Balopi, the Secretary General of BDP published in the newspapers that he was going to drag me before the BDP Council of Elders to be grilled about what I said at Gomolemo Motswaledi’s funeral. I am still waiting. I wonder if he has now changed his mind. If so, I am solely disappointed; because failure to carry out his threat will deny me the opportunity to hear what was so offensive to Domkrag that I said at the funeral of my friend.

, is my sin the fact that I did not get briefing notes from the Secretary general or his minions before I went to speak at the funeral? “Pelo yame etletse bogalaka” to find that my name and those of my stalwarts is so easily, cheaply and wrongly dragged in the mud by fellows who were either boys, toddlers or yet unborn, when fundamentals or principles that were to be cornerstones of our policy or philosophy were crafted. These were principles which in essence provided for multi-partisan and allowed Batswana to freely form parties whose sole interest is to serve Batswana to the best of their ability. Not to “eat” or to “boot-lick.”

It is the fellows who say they are in the high position of the party who claim that they are there to “eat” and those in the executive of the Government who are saying they are there to “boot-lick” who bring the party into disrepute that should be brought before the council of the elders to answer for their sins.”


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