Thursday, July 18, 2024

Do Batswana fully appreciate the necessity of life insurance?

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “insurance”?

Is it life, death risk, payments or security?

To be honest, insurance is an inherently tough thing to gauge from the consumer side of the table, and there are often negative perceptions to overcome right from the start.

When people are faced with the decision of choosing insurance policies, or indeed insurance brokers, they are often confronted with the ‘what if’ question. They perceive insurance as a fear based industry. This mentality, though understandable, is the very reason why people often don’t buy burglar alarms until after they’ve been burglarized.

In our day and age, when economies the world across are crashing around us, insurance policies are more significant than they seem. This is especially in terms of securing individuals and families with regards to their needs and finances. The most important thing, however, is to determine which insurance policy best suits you and the people you care for.

It’s a fact that different people have different needs; no two people are alike. Different types of insurance, therefore, are necessary. For instance, car insurance allows one to drive around with that sense of security, and a sense of peace that whatever happens, they are covered by their insurance. This thought is often thought more appropriate for an older market, or perhaps seems more urgent for someone who has just bought a new car.

Who you are, what you do, and what you want change the kind of insurance policy that will work best for you.

As we all strive to embrace the ideas of living life to the fullest, it helps to bear in mind that preparation for any situation, as the Boy Scouts motto goes, still holds true.

Planning is everything, and given the willing insurance agencies around us, it’s easier to invest in your future than you might think.

Companies like Metropolitan Botswana have taken it upon themselves to let the public know that it’s important to start getting pro-active about your future without misconceptions of what insurance really means.

It’s worth doing a bit of research and shopping around for the best policy for you. Take a page from the Boy Scouts and “always be prepared.”


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