Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Do church uniforms symbolize anything?

Most churches in Botswana are identifiable through various colourful uniforms, especially for women worshippers.

Some have uniforms that are tailored and coloured in a specific way, while others simply identify their flock with a certain kind of attire like, for example, black suits. But, whatever the case, uniforms are an integral part of a church’s identity.

Sunday Lifestyle went to find out just what it is that makes uniforms such an important feature in the church.

The Pentecostal Church does not mind if worshippers wear their ordinary Sunday clothes to church. The priest, Reverend Isaac Djani, says they only ask that their flock look decent when they come for prayer.

“Not everyone can afford the church uniform,” he said.

The Assemblies of God worshippers do not have a specific uniform, but they are also asked to be decent when coming to church. Reverend Makgaola said they don’t see a need for church attire.
The Zion Christian Church is probably the one church that has the most prominent and outstanding uniform.

The males are known to put on heavy khakhi suits and white shoes with thick black soles. Then there is the symbolic cap, and a badge to complete the outfit.

Senior church members sometimes wear green military style suits.

The women wear green skirts with yellow blouses, and sometimes blue dresses.
ZCC women are also famous for their intricately tied head scarves.

Robert Lobese, a ZCC priest, said the soles match well with the khakhi suits. They also come in handy during the church service, as ZCC members have a spellbinding dance called Mokhukhu in which the males jump very high. The uniform is only available at ZCC headquarters in Moria, Pretoria.

Anglican Church priests wear purple and black. This colour symbolizes sorrow. The church also respects white as it symbolizes happiness and purity. White is used mainly in weddings and baptism rituals.

The Anglican Church has different uniforms for various groups within the church. There is Mother’s Union, which wears black skirts, white blouses and black hats.

The Man’s Guild wears black suits with purple undervest. Female members of the Guild wear white shirts, purple capes, black shoes and black berets on special occasions and sometimes during Sunday worship.

They also have fellowship, males wearing grey trousers, navy blue jackets and purple ties while women wear navy skirts, cream white blouses and navy hats or berets.


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