Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Does social media play a role during recruitment?

The internet allows you to be rather more proactive when it comes to hiring and firing. It is a new approach to recruitment.

Instead of merely going through personal interviews, the social media can be used as a platform to locate and hire people who you think are fit for the job. You can also use the social media to find out your employees character, if you think it has got any good or bad influence pertaining the job they have been assigned to.

LinkedIn is one such website, which is, in fact, strictly meant for recruitment purposes. Employers can use this website, which plays a pivotal role as a recruitment tool to gain insight about your potential candidate. It can give you professional information such as recommendations, opinions and career information from people that have in fact or actually worked with your potential future employee.

Facebook has proven to be one of the biggest sell out or whistle blower since most people perceive to it to be a tool meant for socializing.

Its application in the world of business has proven to benefit potential employers in terms of outshining the old school resume or curriculum vitae. Through Facebook, you can find out, in more detail, your potential employees friends, groups and associations.

Although people use pseudonyms on this popular website, you can check their updates like if they are what you’re looking for.

Just like facebook, Twitter is another powerful tool which could be used to find out exactly what particularly drives a person in terms of how they perceive their profession.

Recruitment companies, such as HRMC, have a twitter profile with such a huge following.

Business columnist, Stuart White, uses it as a communication tool to advertise the services that his company has to offer like job placements.

Through his column, many of his potential clients get to further their research about his services.
“Through my column which is linked to my company’s twitter profile, people get to read about my opinions and commentaries as a recruitment specialist,” says White.

The internet has very accurate and cost effective measures when it comes to employment.
Mpho Laing, who runs a recruitment and public relations company, shares the same sentiments when it comes to social media.

“Since I will be based in Nigeria for the next three months I will be running interviews mainly on the social media (internet) for my fashion column in the Voice news paper.”

A lot of professionals, in fact, keep blogs. They are meant to give insights on what they consider as equally important in their professions and in their daily lives.

When it comes to recruitment and hiring, the internet, in particular social media, have proven to be beneficial in terms of referencing. As more and more people are slowly becoming dependant on the internet, more personal and professional information is slowly making it to the fingertips of potential employers, making the internet one of the most powerful recruitment tools.


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