Saturday, March 25, 2023

DPP says body of Mma Mhlongo to be exhumed

The Directorate of Public Prosecution says it has requested that the body of a popular radio Botswana caller buried in Mozambique six months ago be exhumed.

After her mysterious disappearance, The Sunday Standard broke the story that Mma Mhlongo had died in a road accident. The DPP has now come out to say that they have requested authorities in Mozambique to exhume her body.

In a press statement, the Deputy Director of the DPP, Kabo Leinaeng, said “The DPP has made an application to the Mozambican authorities under the Mutual Legal Assistance Act to have the bodies of the people who died in the accident in Mozambique exhumed.”
He added that “only after exhumation and DNA testing will we be able to ascertain if one of the bodies is Mma Mhlongo’s”.

Following her odd disappearance, The Sunday Standard launched its own investigations, which turned up information that she had been involved in a fatal road accident while travelling in Mozambique.
The investigations revealed that she boarded a bus from South Africa to Mozambique but was unfortunately left behind by the bus at the South Africa-Mozambique border.
The investigation further reveals that a certain South African police officer gave her R50 to further her journey because she was stranded.

She boarded a mini bus, which was then involved in a road accident in which twelve passengers perished.

The bodies were taken to Maputo Central Hospital where a radio broadcast was made to the public to go to the hospital to help identify the bodies.
Only three bodies were identified and the remaining 9 bodies were then buried in a mass grave because they were not identified.

The governments of Botswana and Mozambique are still in discussions about how Mhlongo’s body can be exhumed so that DNA tests can be conducted, with the intention to re-bury her remains in Botswana.


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