Friday, March 1, 2024

Dressing them up as bling lifestyle roars

With a taste of Jimmy Choo and Prada garments, GaTsh Fros, a fashion stylist company, found it fit to bring the latest trend in fashion that will fit a businessman, lawyer, corporate executives, job seekers, transgenders… the least is endless.

GaTsh Fros is the brain child of two young fashion enthusiasts, Tsholo Dikobe and Gaone Mothibi, who are entertaining the hype of Luxury brand sellers who are targeting a visibly increasing number of professionals who have joined the bandwagon of bling.

“We have inherited the love for fashion from our mothers. Where would we be without their fashionable traits? We owe some of all this to them. They were the queens of fashion back then. That is how we inherited the fashion enthusiasm,” said Dikobe.

The duo is bringing the roaring demand for bling to the doorsteps with the help of spiraling new retail shops that make Botswana a home to labels such as YSL, Lacoste, Miu Miu, Clhoe, Nike and DC sneakers, to name a few.

The two are proud to be on the podium serving the populace with the latest fashion because they are a new elite with an extremely good eye for fashion, and are in tune with the latest trends, styles, and looks that are making a splash in the world of high style.

Dikobe is impressed that many young professionals and entrepreneurs are eager to be part of fashion.

“We accompany them when they go for shopping and we usually recommend garments that really suit them. But for those who are unable to buy, they can get some latest trends in our wardrobe. Though our wardrobes are not worth a lot, we are able to give them a taste of vintage clothing,” added Dikobe.

Her love to dress people runs in her blood.

According to her, the love of fashion, intuition and making the decision to start GaTsh Fros was the beginning of the journey in the world of fashion. She noted that GaTsh Fros is more like a fashion consultancy that meets the fashion enthusiasts’ demands.

Dikobe said GaTsh Fros simply looks at fashion as an art that will eventually fit in someone ‘s figure . She further stated that as fashion stylists, they show the wearers’ personality and style through the clothes, wardrobes or outfits and added that as soon as someone falls in the ambit of their influence, it will show.

“We help boost the person’s self-confidence by helping them to make a good impression. We basically assume all tasks related to styling and creating fashion visuals,” said Dikobe.

She noted that they attend some events of high stature, fashion shows, entertainment events and spread the word, but through their clothing.

She said that they dress people to impress.

Dikobe is eager to learn more about fashion, which she says always evolves. She is convinced that fashion is the language that they understand in this world.

Dikobe said, currently, their wardrobe is full of vintage, timeless pieces, high waisted pants, skirts, statement shoes, vintage bags and blouses.

“It’s all surprising how our imagination, our mindset, changed for the better and how our ideas and creativity are praised. We are now free. We mix; fashion has renewed our thinking. We do not conform to fashion’s do’s and don’ts. We create and re-invent. We always follow our destiny because successful fashion stylists reach where they are today due to their hard work, perseverance, determination, success-drive, and of course, unmatched styling skills,” she added.
The adventure of fashion art is within them.

“We love people of every size and any race. Fashion is our personal crusade,” added Dikobe.
Their work has also earned them a column in a local tabloid newspaper.


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