Saturday, May 28, 2022

DTC takes beneficiation beyond diamond cutting

Government urged the private sector on Monday to stand with it shoulder-to-shoulder in a move aimed at promoting the beneficiation process that has been hampered by lack of relevant skills in the country.

The diamond  down-stream activities, which have been dubbed diamond beneficiation and which include the  cutting and polishing  of diamonds, are proving  to be creating job opportunities and fostering skills transfer although it is still dogged by lack of adequate skills.

Speaking at  a function  where DTC Botswana was donating a cheque for P 300 000 to Oodi College of Applied Arts and Technology, Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Education, Keletso Rakhudu, implored the private sector to support government efforts.

“For a long time, we have been talking about the beneficiation process, which we eventually diagnosed was hindered by the scarcity of local human resource in the diamond industry,” said the minister.

“We were and are currently seized with this problem and it is through this humble gesture, particularly coming from the private sector, that we feel a sigh of relief.”

Government revenues have been┬á dwindling┬á following the┬áworst global┬á economic crisis since the World War II, which he said underscores┬á the need for the private sector to come to the government’s┬á assistance.

“By joining hands you are ploughing back to the economy and, as such, you will at the end be winners. Government should not be alone; I urge you to come along and plant seeds in your garden,” he┬ásaid.

DTC Botswana is a 50/50 joint venture company between De Beers and government of Botswana and its donation to the academy is expected to alleviate the shortage of human resources skills, which the country is faced with.

The aim is to┬áput young designers through an elaborate educational process, which would see them “flower and flourish in the diamond jewellery industry”.

“This jewellery design qualification would give young designers an opportunity to develop their talent and a platform to showcase their work internationally,”┬ásaid acting managing director Mpho Dimbungu.

“Our aim is to take beneficiation beyond what we do here and beyond diamond cutting and polishing and, as such, jewelry design is to us a logical progression,” she said.


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