Friday, September 30, 2022

Duma Boko disqualified from standing for BNF Presidency

The Botswana National Front Central Committee has disqualified Duma Boko from standing for the party presidency.

BNF Publicity Secretary Moeti Mohwasa said on Monday that Boko was declared ineligible after it was found that he was a new member of the BNF.

According to Mohwasa, Boko’s time as BNF member does not meet the requisite length for him to become the party President.

The BNF had instituted a task force to investigate if Duma was illegible to stand for the BNF presidency, after allegations emerged that he had earlier resigned from the BNF to join the New Democratic Front. The BNF had earlier renewed Boko’s membership instead of issuing him with a fresh one, but later set up a task force to investigate allegations that he had earlier resigned from BNF.

“The Central Committee resolved that Boko’s membership should be changed from renewal to a fresh┬áone. The task team found that an application for Registration Membership List for a Society Form had his name and signature appended on it. The signature┬áresembled the one that was on his application form.┬áIt showed that he was one of the founding members of the NDF,┬áa BNF splinter group,” said Mohwasa.

Mohwasa said the decision to declare Boko ineligible was informed by Section 12.8.1 of the BNF constitution, which relates to the election of central committee members.

The section states that a member must have a minimum of three years of membership in the BNF to be eligible for election to the central committee.

Boko will, however, pin his hopes on a clause in the constitution, to at least stand for other positions in the BNF central committee, other than the presidency.

There clause says that the party’s national congress has the powers to make a special dispensation to allow him to stand for any other position.

The latest development will come as a blow to Boko who was tipped as a front runner to become BNF President.
Mohwasa said Boko still remains a member of the BNF.

Suspicions and doubts about Boko’s candidacy were first raised by a member of the youth league who had written an article to the media saying Boko was a new comer.

It became clear at a press conference on Monday that BNFYL was divided over Boko.
Although the Youth League President distanced himself from the statements, the Secretary for External Affairs, Thuso Mogorosi had made it known that he objected to Boko’s nomination for the party presidency.

Mogorosi had primarily pointed out hat Boko did not satisfy the mandatory membership period in the BNF for him to be elected as President.

Boko’s fall now narrows the race for the BNF presidency to a two horse race between Olebile Gaborone and Gabriel Kanjabanga.


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