Sunday, December 4, 2022

E-ticketing plunges Botswana football into chaos

Although the Botswana Premier League (BPL)’s decision to adopt e-ticketing system for premier league matches seems to have brought more misery to supporters than good, BPL, Chief executive Officer, Thabo Ntshinogang is adamant that the system is here to stay.

“The e-ticketing solution is going to be a permanent system that is going to be used because all the stakeholders; BPL Board, BNSC [facilities owners]) and the Sponsor prefer that it should be used” explained Ntshinogang. He added that “over and above, e-ticketing is part of our sponsorship contract and thus should be implemented.”

Ntshinogang said this after supporters were left stranded outside the UB stadium without entry tickets Wednesday evening during the match between Uniao Flamengo Santos and Township Rollers because the e-ticketing company, @ Tickets PTY LTD officials came to the stadium without the necessary equipment.

The company could not print tickets because at first there was no adapter to connect the printer to the power socket. This frustrated some supporters who forced their way in while others jumped the wall into the stadium. A horde of theirs pushed the gates until they gained access into the stadium.

Some supporters who went to Choppies to buy tickets went back empty handed because the retail chain had network problems.

Supporters complain that they incur extra cost by hoping from one Choppies outlet to the next looking to buy tickets instead of buying tickets at the stadium.  The problem is not helped by the Premier Leagues unreliable match fixtures. The premier league occasionally changes fixtures and this forces supporters to wait until the last minutes to buy tickets lest they find themselves with tickets for the wrong match after fixtures have been altered.

The Company that is providing tickets is owned by Leroy Monaheng. On the allegations that some board members are associated with the company Ntshinogang said “I don’t know about any involvement of some Board Members in this company.”

The BPL CEO refused to reveal the printing cost per ticket. During Mamelodi’s era the match tickets were printed in South Africa at 90 cents per ticket.  It is alleged the current company is printing in the region of P3 per ticket.

“@Tickets has an agreement with Choppies to use their stores.  E-ticketing solution is a BPL Board Resolution,” Ntshinogang sad.


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