Saturday, May 18, 2024

Eagle Trust Fund officially launched

Sharing the same sentiments with the Government and other Non Governmental Organizations in their effort to improve the quality of lives for children and youth with disability in Botswana, Cecilia Gaolathe established the Eagle Trust Fund in 2006 to fulfill her dream of ensuring quality social integration for children and youths with disabilities.

Eagle Trust Fund was specifically established to cater for children with special needs that is those with disabilities physically, communicating, mentally and learning disabilities.
Cecilia Gaolathe, the Coordinator of the Trust Fund, noted that “our center of attention is upon children with learning disabilities because very little thought, if any, is accorded to that group of people in Botswana”.

Gaolathe highlighted that some of the reasons that compelled her to start this Trust was her observation in schools. She noted that large classes reduced opportunities for specific help to the children who require special attention in their reading, writing and the whole leaning process. Also, the high numbers of school drop outs from primary school to the time the child is expected to start Form One were very high and this seemed to raise questions on the whereabouts of the children.
Gaolathe highlighted that Eagle Trust Fund strives to ensure access and equity to quality education, therapy, rehabilitation and recreational facilities to disadvantaged and vulnerable children and youth, most especially special educational needs.

She noted that the Trust is also advocating for legislation amendment to also cater for children with special needs. It is the Trust plan to economically empower youth through the establishment of itinerant services and resource room’s country wide.

Since its establishment the Trust has been playing a significant role in society because it has been providing early intervention at school level for children who are in need of special attention. This has helped because some of the children will be very intelligent but not getting the special attention they deserve.

In the same vein Gaolathe announced that the Trust is soliciting funds for financial aid to cater for the required services such as education, therapy, rehabilitation and recreation.

Speaking at the official launch of the Trust Fund, Basetsana Mokola, the Administrator at the MP office for South East North, Olebile Gaborone, said “the MP is in full support of the trust fund in their initiative through and through”.

Gaolathe encouraged everyone to spread the word about the Trust Fund so that other disabled children can benefit from the Trust’s initiative.


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