Thursday, July 18, 2024

Ebineng eats dust after taking Task Force head-on

A four-page letter written by former permanent secretary at the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Kabelo Ebineng ultimately sealed his fate.

He ended up demoted.

In the letter Ebineng railed against the power of the Covid-19 Task Force.

Across government the Task Force which is led by Kereng Masupu is detested for its excessive power and unaccountability.

The Task Force was appointed by President Mokgweetsi Masisi to advise government on the science behind controlling Covid-19.

Shortly after it was created the Task Force started fighting for turf with the ministry of Health and Wellness.

Before long, the Task Force was fighting the entire civil service, using the backing of State of Emergency powers.

The president and his permanent secretary were sucked into the standoff.

After his official letter was circulated Ebineng was transferred from the Ministry of Health to the Ministry of Presidential Affairs where he is Deputy Coordinator in the Government Implementation Office – a clear demotion.

In his letter Ebineng questioned the powers of the Task Force, which has become a parallel force challenging the entire public service.

More unsettling about the Task Force has been their use of direct appointment in their procurement.

Working relations between the ministry and the Task Force have been bad.

Since his arrival at the ministry, the no-nonsense Ebineng had fought non-stop with the all powerful task force.

One of the reasons that has put him at logger-heads is the seemingly unaccountable power of the Task Force.

The letter which had a tone that is said to have surprised his principals proved his undoing.  

He succeeded Solomon Sekwakwa, another experienced civil servant who too was summarily sacked after questioning the power of the Task Force.

Elsewhere the Minister of Finance who too wanted the Task Force to be held accountable was transferred from the much-coveted cabinet portfolio.

He has been moved to the ministry responsible for infrastructure.


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