Wednesday, September 27, 2023

EDS to partner Botswana gov’t to improve service delivery

EDS, a global IT solution company, said Friday that it is planning to work hand-in-hand with the Botswana government in an attempt to bolster e-government and improve service delivery across the board.

Speaking at the E-Business seminar held in Gabion on Friday, Robert Fry, the Vice-President of EDS Defense Services and former British armed forces commander in Iraq during the ongoing war on terror, said that they are looking at a partnership with Botswana government to enrich the objective in the ‘E Government’ mission.

“We are very keen in developing business in Botswana and entering in this dialogue will allow us to bring some of the best global services that we can provide and help propel the E- Government and emerging business in Botswana forward,” he said.

The well decorated Fry, whose company is worth well over US $ 22 billion and is listed on both the London and New York stock exchanges, praised Botswana as a ‘Regional Leader’ when it comes to investing in education.

“There is a hunger for knowledge, especially when it comes to IT, therefore, we want to partner those who will be transforming this nation,” he said.

Fry said, as part of his company’s global strategy, they are prepared to deliver their leveraged solutions globally and have developed innovative identity management components and strategies, achieving a higher degree of satisfaction and providing a cost-effective approach for government at all levels.

EDS has signed some contracts with some of Botswana companies, such as, the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) and Water Utilities and they hope to create much wider business in future.

Martin May, EDS’s application Delivery Manager, said the introduction of EDS to CEDA and Water Utilities has helped stabilize these companies’ system. He said EDS has helped streamline these companies’ business. “EDS has took these businesses forward, and helped these companies define their strategic vision and planning,” he said

EDS enables compliance with governments directives, regulation and legislation, and reduces risk and lower costs for implementation through efficient and proven identity management solutions. EDS also provides a comprehensive business process review that enables greater operational efficiencies, and also enhances data integrity. EDS enterprise identity management center provides a single point of contact from assessment and architecture design, deployment and maintenance.

With 40-plus years of experience implementing security and privacy solutions, EDS has the global experience and expertise to help governments rapidly deploy large-scale implementations. This company leverages its world-class IT partners and small businesses to deliver the right solutions and technologies to address its clients’ business issues.

EDS has more than 10 years of extensive large-scale global experience in federal biometric and card-based access control systems. In support of the Defense Manpower Data Center, EDS helped develop and deploy the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), the DoD’s broadest biometric authentication.

This company has helped the United States of America Immigration and Naturalization Service in implementing INSPASS, an automated inspection system that used hand geometry to verify the identity of travelers.

Built on its robust identity management capabilities, Assured Identity is a one-stop shop for agencies needing to meet the deadline for HSPD-12 compliance, and it is ready to help government agencies meet these requirements.


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