Monday, August 15, 2022

Egypt is undemocratic – Khama

President Ian Khama has said there is no democracy in Egypt and that is why people were protesting and agitating for the resignation of Hosni Mubarak as their president.

Khama said Botswana cannot be compared to Egypt because in Botswana no one has ever been president for 30 years. He said he has only been president for only three years.

Khama lambasted an opposition MP, whom he didn’t mention by name, but said the MP is ignorant about issues in that he had mentioned that what took place in Egypt will happen here.

“This person doesn’t even know where Egypt is. He only learnt about Egypt recently through television and if you were to ask him where Egypt is, he will take you to Malatswai”, said Khama, to the amusement of the BDP supporters who had gathered at a political rally in Molepolole on Saturday. Khama said it was surprising that opposition parties and newspapers were always speculating about the Cabinet reshuffle yet he is the only one vested with the powers to reshuffle.

He said media reports suggesting he was going to expel Mompati Merafhe from the vice presidency were malicious and meant to cause anxiety and unnecessary expectations amongst BDP MPs who might be harbouring ambitions to occupy the Vice Presidency seat. Khama also took a swipe at opposition parties for pouring scorn on Kenneth Matambo’s budget speech.

He said Matambo has vast experience and together with his team at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning are well versed with issues of the national budget.

The media were not spared Khama’s wrath as he accused them of always attacking him.

The acting vice president, Ponatshego Kedikilwe, also addressed the rally and asked BDP supporters to secure their future by continuing to support their party.

Kedikilwe’s address was more like a Kgotla meeting as he avoided partisan politics and delved much on the mandate of his ministry.

“My duty is to find you water and electricity,” the minister of Energy and Water Resources told his audience.

The rally did not attract as many people as would have been expected at a star rally that had BDP bigwigs such as President Khama, acting Vice president Kedikilwe, Minister Pelonomi Venson, party Chairman Daniel Kwelagobe, Minister Christian De Graaf, Assistant Minister Kentse Rammidi, Treasure Satar Dada and other high ranking officials of the party.


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