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Electricity crisis loomsElectricity crisis looms

Batswana should brace for power black outs and an increase in electricity prices following a recent electricity supply downfall against the upsurge in demand.

Botswana Power Corporation staff members were this week at pains to allay fears of blackouts and tariff hikes.

Eskom, the South African utility company that used to supply Botswana with enough electricity, announced on January 18, 2007 that it was facing an acute shortage of electricity.

Botswana thus experienced gradual electricity supply down fall against the upsurge electricity demand following the announcement.

Addressing the media at the GICC, acting operations and transmission manager, Lovemore Chilimanzi, admitted halfheartedly that the equation set by the crisis posed the possibility of sporadic blackouts and increase on electricity prices.

Chilimanzi was, however, quick to add the corporation was currently negotiating with Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) members in Zambia, Zemco, Mozambique and Zimbabwe utilities in a bid to normalize the situation.

He said the corporation was working around the clock to address the electricity shortage and were on the verge of finalizing a deal with Zimbabwe?s Zesa utilities company for the Zambia and Mozambique electrical transmission to go through the country into Botswana.

Chilimanzi observed that BPC was facing a serious challenge following Eskom?s announcement but pleaded with the public not to get alarmed.
He told members of the media that the corporation was currently negotiating with big electricity consuming industries in a bid to mitigate the current serious problem.

Though expensive, Chilimanzi said the corporation intends to open cycle gas turbines as contingency plans.


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