Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Enough is enough; voting should not be along party lines

It’s high time we as Batswana wake up and open our eyes during election time. Enough with politicians who take us the voters for granted. Enough with enriching the rich through my vote.

Enough with voting so called academics who can’t deliver. Enough with voting for politicians on the basis of the party alliance instead of voting based on competence and merit. By the way, my lifetime BDP membership is still kept safely in my drawer. I am getting nauseated by voting along party lines for useless candidates who go to Parliament and start acting big and untouchable and neglecting what they’ve been tasked to do in parliament. When we and our grandparents wake up early and spend the whole day under scotching heat to cast our votes, we don’t do that to elect people who will ignore and forget about his/her constituents when he/she gets to Parliament.

I should also indicate that candidates should be the people’s choice not a choice of the party leadership. Our Parliament is full of political entrepreneurs who only think of self-enrichment. There are very few members who are dedicated and are there for people who sent them to Parliament.

The situation has to change and it can only change if we (Batswana) base our voting patterns on sound principles and not on party allegiance. Voters in developed countries think of their needs and desires first before a party. We need to think and vote in a similar fashion. Voters must vote for peace, good economy, good governance which brings a lot of challenge to the opposition to pull up their socks to give Batswana an alternative because at the moment, truth be told there isn’t any credible alternative. My honest opinion is for the opposition to increase numbers in parliament so that we don’t see the too much relaxation of some of our BDP parliamentarians.


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