Friday, December 1, 2023

Entrepreneurship training programme slated for eight countries

A training manual designed to “address the social ills in developing nations” is being developed by the International Labour Organization, in conjunction with the International Training Center (ITC).

Through a plan dubbed “Know About Business”, the two organizations are targeting eight countries in Africa, Americas, the Middle East and Asia.

“This is designed for an 80 to 120 sessions course for young trainees and students between 15 to 25 years, primarily to give them awareness and some practice relating to the opportunities, challenges, procedures, characteristics, attitudes and skills needed for a successful entrepreneurship,” Botswana Enterprise said.

The programme – tailored around the Millennium Development Goal, with a target date of 2015 ÔÇô is aimed at phasing out poverty on earth. However, there are strong challenges when coming to Africa ÔÇô the poorest continent on earth.

“At the end, participants will have acquired the necessary knowledge to fully understand the KAB approach, adapt the KAB content to the requirements of national curricula and design a pilot project for introducing entrepreneurship education within their specific education sector.

At recent workshop organized for promoters and trainers held at Kagisong Center in Mogoditshane, Botswana Enterprise vowed that the aim is to equip participants with skills on organizing student centered instructional sessions through the use of a variety of teaching technologies.

The workshop was a sequel to a two-week workshop which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, for promoters and beginners. It was also addressed to decision-makers from the education sector, teachers and lecturers at the secondary and tertiary education levels, and trainers from vocational and technical training institutions as well as to consultants involved in promoting entrepreneurship development.

“The general objective of the workshop was to assist in the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture in participating countries. It is also intended to provide participants with knowledge and skills for promoting, designing, supporting and monitoring strategies/programs for the integration of entrepreneurship education based on KAB in national education systems. It was also meant to introduce participants to the KAB training package and ILO KAB training methodologies; enable teachers and trainers to become KAB facilitators and to teach KAB to trainees and students in their institutions,” Botswana Enterprise said.


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