Friday, July 1, 2022

Euro College introduces work and study opportunities in Ireland for Batswana

Euro College, an independent Institution of education in Dublin, Ireland, held a one-day seminar in Francistown on Wednesday to stimulate the locals’ interest in improving their educational standards, earn a living as well as share cultural experiences.

Diarmaid Mac Murchadh, Euro College’s Business Development Manager and the representative of the institution, the seminar was an effort to enlighten the out-of-school students and public in Botswana of the opportunities that could be of their own benefit in the Ireland.

Murchedh said that this was an opportunity for those Batswana who wanted to pursue their studies as well as grasp opportunities of earning a good income in order to fund their studies.

He revealed that the institution offers courses that were currently in demand, especially with regard to the Information technology industry, Nursing and Engineering. He further mentioned that this would enable them to broaden their educational spectrum, experience and share cultural diversities as well as pursue skills that would be of benefit to the development of Botswana.

“With exception to other European countries, Ireland and Luxembourg are the only countries that allow foreigners to work for as long as they wish regarding the policies that limit the renewal of permits in some countries,” said Murchedh. “In other European Union countries, a foreigner is not allowed to work for more than five years, therefore this can be of advantage to those who would like to study and work yet experience different cultures, thus broaden their educational capability and grasp opportunities for as long as they want.”
He advised the attendants that it was very important that those who were willing to enroll with the institution have sufficient funds (2000 Euros) in order to allow them to enter into Ireland, as required by the laws of that country.

“The law of Ireland requires that foreign students who enroll at institutions in the country have this amount of money to guarantee that they will be able to sustain themselves during the first weeks of study,” said Murchadh.

He pointed out that the minimum enrollment fee for a first year study was about 2200 Euros, adding that the institution assists students with accommodation, e.g. the Irish host families that would stay with the students for the first two weeks of arrival, as a way of orienting the students into the Irish cultures. He further pointed out that the family would cater for all the expenses for the first weeks and after that the institution would assist the student with finding his or her own accommodation.

Murchadh also indicated that students can get 8.75 an hour part time jobs to sustain themselves.

He revealed to Sunday Standard that they had chosen Botswana as their place of interest because it was among the few countries in Africa that had taken initiative in equipping its citizens with education. He pointed out that Botswana was viewed in Ireland as one of the safest, cleanest and progressive economies of Africa.

Murchadh indicated that they also perceived Botswana as a country that would be conducive for further investment regarding education.

“As Euro College, we do not only perceive Botswana from a recruitment point of view, but we realized that Botswana is one of the few stable countries in Africa, with a good clean economy, politically stable and a strong culture with strong morals and values. This is my first visit to Botswana, but I have been very pleased by the hospitality of Batswana,” he said to Sunday Standard.

Murchadh further highlighted that they had held similar seminars in countries such as Egypt, Nigeria and Mauritius.
“One thing I need to highlight is that Batswana need to be aware of Institutions that may take advantage of them and not offer them the education they deserve. As Euro College we are a well recognized bona – fide institution that is registered and licenced by the education board of Ireland.”


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