Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Ex-BCP councillor says party sitting on a ticking time bomb

Former Botswana Congress Party Councillor for Village Ward, Seabelo Thekiso, who joined the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) recently, has warned that the party is sitting on a ticking time bomb.

While he refused to answer questions from reporters who wanted to know the reasons behind his defection to the BDP, Thekiso told reporters at a press conference to welcome him that Batswana should brace themselves for “things unfolding at the BCP”.

“Wait and see as things are unfurling at BCP. I was not happy at BCP. The party is sitting on a ticking time bomb,” said Thekiso, declining to explain his ambiguous statement.
On allegations that BDP promised him a cheque because he was wallowing in debts, Thekiso rubbished the allegations saying he is “priceless”.

“It’s so embarrassing at this moment to be talking about debts when there are pressing issues of national interest. I did not receive or promised any cheque by the BDP. The BDP lured me under the pretext of good governance,” he said.

Thekiso also confirmed that he had not consulted his constituents. He described the BDP as a champion of African politics.

“I felt duty bound as a youth who wanted to grow to be associated with the BDP. Some people fear change, but if you don’t change, you don’t grow,” said Thekiso.

He added: “I swear my allegiance to the BDP and I’m going to be its life member. They say if you can’t beat them join them. For the past 45 years BDP has proved to be a party that has a strong leadership.” ┬á

But Thekiso also revealed that he does not hold grudges against his former party. “I’m what I’m because of the BCP. They taught me good tricks about politics. I’m grateful to them as a party; however, I can’t change my allegiance to the BDP. I can’t also give reasons why I quit the BCP; I’m not their spokesperson but I was not happy that’s why I had to quit,” said Thekiso.

Meanwhile, BDP Youth League Chairman Andy Boatile revealed at the same event that they intend to engage in what he called massive recruitment exercise.

“We intend to cast our net wide and recruit from sports codes, SRC and churches. ┬áThat will be part of the recruitment drive as we plan for the 2014 elections,” said Boatile. He added that they have also recruited more than 300 youth during their just ended Letlhakeng by election campaign.

When welcoming Thekiso, Boatile said the former was not only just a councillor but a former BCP Youth League Secretary General and a member of the SHAA and Physical Planning at Gaborone City Council.

“We are going to ensure that he plays a significant role in our party. He is free to debate any issue as long as he does that through the right channels,” said Boatile.


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