Monday, December 11, 2023

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Former Botswana Premier League (BPL) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Bennett Mamelodi has been granted an order to serve the elusive ADM Financial Forensic Services with a writ of summons through the Sowetan Newspaper.

This follows the former BPL CEO and his legal team’s failure to serve the controversial forensic audit firm due to its illusiveness.

Mamelodi and his team allegedly could not locate ADM offices or officials to serve them. 

Fed up with the forensic audit firm’s diving and ducking, Mamelodi and his legal team on Wednesday approached the court to vary the earlier order which was to allow him serve ADM with court papers.

Mamelodi, through his lawyer Dutch Leburu wanted “The Notice of Service be done on the Sowetan Newspaper in South Africa over two runs”.

With the BFA through legal representative Joseph Akoonyantse not opposing Mamelodi’s attempt to get the order, Judge Godfrey Radijeng granted the order.

Contacted for comment Dutch Leburu “we couldn’t serve them at the physical address that was provided they were avoiding us. We are happy with the progress on our side. The long arm of the law reaches you wherever you are. They had thought they will not be reached” Leburu.

Leburu said “it is disappointing that we had to take this route on an entity that was hired by public body to do peruse and access public purse. It was supposed to be easy for them to be found and abide by what is expected of them to do” Leburu.

Leburu could not say whether he doubts their credibility or not but was hopeful they will see the adverts on paper and do the right thing.

ADM Financial Forensic Services is cited as third respondents in a matter in which Mamelodi is seeking to set aside a forensic audit report into the BPL which culminated with his sacking.

The other respondents in the case are the BFA as first respondents while former BFA acting Chief Executive Officer Susan Lawrence is the second respondent.

All the three respondents, along with Mamelodi are expected to be back in court on the 13th of next month (December) for a status hearing, at which the court will be expected to set a date for the case to be heard.

However, with ADM seemingly not willing to appear to defend their audit report, it remains to be seen whether they will avail themselves on the said date.

The South African auditing firm, which was identified by BPL board chairperson Rapula Okaile before being engaged by the BPL Board to carry out an audit of the BPL.


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