Monday, July 4, 2022

Facebook: where the ladies now hangout!

Tired of being caught idling on the streets by law enforcers, prostitutes, or sex workers, in Botswana are now using cyberspace to market their offerings.

Young ladies ‘advertise’ themselves to potential clients on the social media network of Facebook.
The ladies have been publicly putting their intentions clear to potential clients and accidental browsers.

Most of their Facebook posts show the young ladies mean business, as they threaten to block users who are not serious about their ‘business.’ They also said they do not want ‘chancers.’ Nudity, pornographic images and sexually provoking language are synonymous with their Facebook wall features.

An interaction with one self proclaimed sex worker, Shantelle Kario (a fake Facebook username) started on January 31, 2013. Kario is also a member of the Spice Girls cabal.

“Is there anyone who needs sex; I need serious people please,” posted Kario, who later changed her username to Neo Pearson.

This reporter decided to chat with the young lady via Facebook private messages to see her intensions. Exchange of messages, ‘business negotiations’ and swapping numbers then followed.

I asked how much the fare is and the young lady quickly responded saying it was P150 a round and P600 for the whole night.

I then asked for the reduction of the amount for the services saying at least P50 for a round would be more like it. Angrily, Kario or Pearson insulted me, saying she feels treated cheap.

“Why don’t you ask one of your relatives for sex for that amount; I am not that desperate,” she said.

However, using a masculine charm, I managed to cool her down. The young lady then went on to seduce the reporter, telling him what she was going to do to him. She threw everything at me, being sexually provocative to manipulate me into buying her services.

As the conversation got ‘hotter and steamier’, the lady gave me her number and location. She said she was staying at Block 8 and her clients pick her up if they want her services.

The talk became dirtier and most of the dialogue is not fit for a family paper such as the Sunday Standard.

“So when are you going to be free because I have cancelled all my appointments for you and now I have lost a lot,” Kario said, after days of chatting to this reporter to build trust from her side.
Several days of communicating made Kario or Pearson trust me even more. What if she was to meet a murderer? Kario seemed ready for anything. She could do anything for money.

But Kario was cagey on many issues, like her private life. Kario just wanted to get the business done, quickly, no interrogations and twenty questions. She will cut down on too much inquisitive talk or ignore some questions which did not include her business interests.

Kario also changed places, the next time she will be at Block 8, Block 3 and Phase 4.

Meeting her could not materialise because she kept on changing locations and mobile numbers. When this reporter called her later several weeks later, she was disappointed that I had not tried harder to meet her to deepen the friendship (no pun intended); and she cut the phone. Her number was no longer working when I tried to call her again.

She also blocked me on Facebook.

On June 29, 2013, I met with one Roxy Ryda (Facebook username), who also posted her prostitution services on Facebook.

After I saw a post similar to that of Kario, I decided to take another chance. During the Wall conversation, Ryda told her Facebook friends that they should take the talk to a more private, Inbox feature.

“Just tell me when you want to meet and then we get the job done….that’s it,” Ryda ‘inboxed’ me.
When asked how much her all night services are, Roxy Ryda simply said: “A Grand… meaning P1000.”

Normally a client has to negotiate all the services. Ryda’s services were not like those of Kario; she was not willing to give her client everything on offer.

“I am not a fan of kissing. It is only P150 per round,” said Ryda.

Botswana Police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Dipheko Motube, said currently there is no legislation against the act of prostitution. He said the only legislation that seems to be catching prostitutes is the law of idling, loitering or disorderly persons, which can only work on street prostitution. The offence attracts a charge of P50 or P30, he said.

Motube added that the law has boundaries as it is only used against the idling not the act of prostitution.

This means Facebook prostitution goes unpunished as there is easy interaction, more privacy and no idling.

“Yes…we often see people posting naked photographs and using sexually charged language on Facebook. We can do follow ups on suspicious people, but there is currently no legislation that empowers the Police to take action,” Motube told the Sunday Standard.

On what looked as a clash between the law and morality, Motube said legislators are the ones making laws and theirs is to enforce it. He said the Police cannot do anything to alter laws which are already enacted but they only make sure that there is law and order in societies.

It seems now the prostitutes have upped their game, beating the law of idling or loitering by taking their services higher into space, no pun intended.

As one colleague said…if your girlfriend is on Facebook, rest assured she is not yours alone!


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