Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Failure by countries to domesticate African Youth Charter a concern

As young people are increasingly stepping to a generational continuum in leadership, African youth ministers have expressed concern over Botswana’s failure to ratify and domesticate the AU African Youth Charter.

The African Union, through the Africa Youth Charter made a ratification for all member states to support the participation of youths in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Articles 10 and 14 of the AU Youth Charter offer expositions on the content of the right to development of African youth.

African Youth Council Regional Chair, Tumisang Shamil Agosi, expressed concern over the fact that Botswana has not yet endorsed the charter.  According to Agosi, Botswana’s failure to endorse the charter has resulted in the youth being withdrawn from the common knowledge of the rights they have as per the AU constitution. The African Union earmarked 2017 as “Year of the youth” with the theme “harnessing the demographic dividend through investment in youth”. The African Youth Charter is the strategic framework that gives direction for youth empowerment at continental, regional and national levels. It is therefore important for African governments to uphold the AU Youth Charter and engage youth on their role in good governance.

Amongst other things, Agosi encouraged the government of Botswana to take a progressive step by aligning national laws and policies with the provisions of the African Youth Charter. By so doing, he says this will strengthen the role youth play in sustainable national development.


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