Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Fani walking on thin ice

Sharpened knives are out for Botswana Football Association president (BFA), David Fani. What brought him into power in 2008 seems to be on the way to taking him out if developments within football circles are anything to go by. Already, the campaign has intensified in the regions for elections that will be held in July and Fani is slugging it out with the current BFA legal advisor, Tebogo Sebego.

Sebego has the backing of two influential men in campaigns who helped to bring Fani to the presidency.

Fobby Radipotsane, who is based in the Tswapong region, and Maokaneng Bontshetse, rarely go wrong once they back someone. Before Fani, they engineered to power former BFA president, Dikgang Philip Makgalemele (now Member of Parliament for Shoshong) and after they had a fallout with the latter once again plotted his downfall in 2008.

Fani’s administration has since fallen out with the duo and they are once again plotting his exit.
Now backing Sebego and calling themselves friends of football, both Radipotsane and Maokaneng have once again expressed optimism that Sebego and his team are going to sail smoothly through come election time. “Differences in life will always be there, but what we are striving for is what we see as the best interest of football. If you look at Fani’s administration, they have let us down on many occasions and it is about time we brought people we feel can do something better,” said Radipotsane.

He added that capable people in football circles are few and hence they should be given a chance.
“Let’s be honest with Sebego; he has come through the structures of football in Botswana and knows a lot about local football. He played for the country’s youth teams and even played in the Premier League at one stage. Currently, he is a qualified lawyer who happens to be the legal advisor of the BFA. Definitely we feel that he should be at the helm and can do better,” added Radipotsane.

He further stressed that Botswana football has really shown that it is growing and, as such, there needs to be someone to take it a step further. On his part, Bontshetse shares Radipotsane’s sentiments saying time is up for Fani’s administration. He said Sebego has the potential to make Botswana football a force to reckon with.

“Sebego is a serious man and you can see that by looking at the caliber of people he wants to bring in as his fellow National Executive Committee members. He means business for our football and that’s what we are looking forward to,” he said.


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