Friday, May 20, 2022

Farmers assured of enough seeds for the planting season

The Chief Executive Officer of Seedco, Olefile Ramaabya, says that his company has stocked enough seeds to be able to sell to all farmers who want them for this coming ploughing season.

“We have enough seeds for our farmers in the country,” said Ramaabya. “All they need to do is to go to the nearest Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB) and they will get whatever type of seeds they need,” he said.

Explaining how their products are being sold at BAMB, Ramaabya said that they have signed a contract with BAMB who will sell their products on their behalf for payment. He added that BAMB was chosen because it has facilities all over the country and is in the business of selling farming inputs.

“We have chosen to deal with BAMB because of their presence in all districts of the country and are in the business of selling inputs to farmers,” he explained.

Early last month , the Ministry of Agriculture informed farmers who intended to plough under the ISSPAD scheme that they would not be able to supply them with seeds as has been the case in the past, saying that the Ministry was unable to procure seeds as farmers who normally sell to them did not have seeds because of the past drought. Farmers were advised to buy seeds from other dealers under condition that they would be fully reimbursed, with those who plough 16 hectres and below being given 100 percent compensation whilst those who plough over 16 will be given 50 percent compensation.

Some farmers feared that they might not get seeds as private seed sellers might not meet their demands. Recently, the Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board Public Relations Officer, Thapelo Nyatshane, also revealed that they had stocked enough fertilizers in their warehouses around the country.


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