Friday, February 23, 2024

Farmers urged to produce quality

Minister of Agriculture, Patrick Ralotsia has urged residents of Tsau and Sehithwa to take care of their produce and ensure if it is of good quality that can be bought by Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB).

Responding to concerns raised by farmers that they are unable to sell their produce because of lack of markets, Ralotsia said he has talked to authorities at BAMB to be lenient on Ngamiland farmers as their area is prone to natural disasters.

“We understand that you are in a worse situation than other farmers in the country. That’s why we found it necessary to convince BAMB to consider buying from you,” he said.

However, he urged them to work hard and ensure that their produce is of good quality. He added that BAMB will regularly visit their farms to assess the quality of their produce and recommend other markets. President Ian Khama also agreed that there should be a special dispensation for the people of Ngamiland as they are challenged in many aspects.

“BAMB should not be too strict on the people of Ngamiland. Otherwise they might be discouraged from farming and end up falling into poverty,” he said.


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