Thursday, March 30, 2023

Fashion beauty knotting workshop to sensitize beauty lovers

As a way of raising awareness and expanding knowledge on health, beauty and fashion, three ladies who have experience in beauty and fashion have come up with a workshop that aims at helping people take care of themselves. The workshop will teach people on tips of looking beautiful but in a healthy way.

The workshop which is duped ‘Fashion Beauty Knotting’ is expected to attract a large attendance of both men and women. One of the organizers of the workshop Pearl Onamile mentioned that they realised that most women tend to leave out their health when putting an effort to keeping beautiful as they sometimes put harmful products on their skins all in the name of beauty, but she said they feel it’s inseparable. She said during their travelling and exploring of beauty industries, they attended one of the biggest beauty expos called Professional Hair and Beauty Expo which was held in Johannesburg where they learnt a lot of things about beauty that they were not aware of.

“This is where we realized that the amount of knowledge and skills other countries have is on a much higher level. We thought we could bring similar ideas here so that our people also implement them and what’s more interesting is that we found out that men these days are also concerned about their beauty and skin. That is why this workshop is for everybody not just women,” she said.

Onamile who has experience as a model said her partners are also highly qualified. She gave the example of Game Obotseng, a beautician who went for Bio Sculpture training in Pretoria and attended cosmopolitan and Revlon workshops while Michelle Sepako is a fashion blogger who is known for her amazing fashion sense.

“With the experiences that we have, we thought it would be a great idea to teach other people out there that beauty is not only from the outside but also from within. She said that appearance is everything as how a person looks will determine their mood for the day and how other people will treat them,” she said.

She then added that they carried out a research on the beauty industry in Botswana and found out that it’s growing. She also said there is need to respond to it accordingly and address issues of health endangering practices such as applying shoe polish on one’s face.

She continued that there will be different presenters on the day who will be presenting on different subjects they specialize in that are required for someone to use so as to be beautiful and handsome. The presenters are made of 7 speakers including doctors, dieticians, makeup artists and fashionistas.

“Some people are not aware that beauty goes hand in hand with being healthy, and that is why we have invited doctors and dieticians so that they share with attendees on the right ways of being beautiful without harming their health or bodies. So each presenter’s presentation will be based on their areas of specialty but relating it to beauty,” she said.

The workshop will be held at Travel lodge garden on the 29th of November.

“This is a suitable month as December is a month of weddings so we urge people to come and take tips on how to look stunning on their big day and it will be month end so the mood will be high. I think it’s high time we Batswana start investing in our health and beauty,” she said.


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