Monday, September 21, 2020

Father Benjamin Moleko should have advised Bishop better

Dear Editors

In response to an article written to your paper Sunday Standard November 9 ÔÇô 16, 2008 page 8 by Rev. Father Benjamin Moleko who is Diocesan Secretary working as an aide to the bishop. My I comment as follows;

It is very much surprising that father Benjamin Moleko, as part of the administration personnel of Anglican Church Botswana Diocese, could take much of his energy and time to lecture about diocesan structures in the media instead of organizing workshops for disseminating that vital information to the Anglican community.

Personally, I do not believe in addressing the affairs of any organization in the media by an officer of father Benjamin Moleko’s capacity. Yes, he can clarify some issues if they are raised in the media by some members of the church or any member of the community. For Father Moleko to have tried to define the structures of the diocese doesn’t help anybody; neither the diocese, the bishop nor the seven suspended priests from practicing in their respective parishes. Reasons being that the honourable judge who was presiding over the case has ruled in favour of the plaintiffs who happened to be the seven priests who were suspended by the bishop with his advisors, father Benjamin Moleko inclusive.

Father Moleko should have advised the bishop earlier, not to have gone ahead to suspend the seven priests; by defining these structures to him it could have saved the Anglican Church Botswana Diocese from an ordeal it went through where members of the church were so distressed, with nobody coming up to the rescue except reading the case from the media. Concerning the case, the judge ruled in favour of the seven aggrieved priests after thorough scrutiny of the stipulated structures in the said article in conjunction with the laws of this land, of which he found the bishop and his advisors had violated.
Mr. Editor reinstatement as ruled by the judge means the return of the priest to their respective parishes which means a retain to the previous status quo contrary to an assertion in the article that the priest should go to the bishop for placement which would be contempt of court order.

Rev. Jacob P. L. Zacharia
Church member: Tlokweng


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