Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Female comedians mesmerise at Queens of Comedy show

Women’s month was celebrated in style over the weekend as female comics showed their true grit at the first Queens of Comedy show. The event which was hosted by Soul food comedy attracted a pretty good crowd.

Although it was their first time entertaining a large crowd, the four comedian ladies did justice to the event as they had many eating out of their hand. The curtain opener for the night was by young, talented hip hop singer, Enigma, who mesmerised many with her jokes. The curvy lady won many people’s hearts with her singing and acting out of jokes. She displayed her wittiness and cleverness through awareness of the latest trending issues affecting people and used these to ridicule them.

Another comedian who made her presence felt Refilwe from Maun. Despite most people not being amused with her delivery, this did not discourage her as she continued cracking jokes.

The star of the night was Rekunde who elevated stand-up comedy to the level of fine art. She proved that she is not only funny, but also has imaginative routines and good-humoured jibes which were perfect for the audience. Her unique dry sense of humour, quick wit and intelligent comedy lit up the room as she left the audience in stitches.

Another fun to watch act was by one of the rising female comics, Lira, who showed that she is a fearless funny comic, raging on the absurd, ridiculous and unbelievable. It was hard to maintain a straight face when she was delivering her jokes.

Helen Dikobe also delivered a great musical performance and former speaker of the national assembly, Margret Nasha, gave an inspirational and motivational speech to the ladies, encouraging them to hold on to their dreams and never give up. Nasha mentioned that this month should be taken seriously as it is a time when women all over the world reflect on all their achievements and right their wrongs.

The event organiser, Karabo Musa, mentioned that she was happy with the turn up as it showed that people value Women’s month. “This show was done to expose these young women and prepare them for bigger international stages. Our hope is that in three years time, our country should be at  a stage where we are able to export female comedians of Kanslime’s caliber to other countries,” she said.

Musa added that they are optimistic that the event will open doors for female representation and provide a platform for artists to get prepared for bigger crowds and stages. “Soul Food comedy is a a long-term comedy, performing arts  and alternative entertainment movement aimed at unearthing talent locally and  exporting it globally or exposing talent to bigger stages locally,” she said.


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