Monday, December 11, 2023

Fighting for ‘Teenage’ Tumaisa

As a little known player leading the attack of Gaborone United youthful striker Tumisang “Teenage’ Orebonye had a season he made a mark on.

In what was his breakthrough season, the lanky striker finished the season as the second leading goalscorer with 16 goals, just a goal shy from Township Rollers veteran, Terrence Mandaza.

Given his exploits, the youngster has since attracted lots of interest and a horde of teams are now circling over keen to sign him on. 

However, his heroic performance this past season also seem to have ignited a simmering war outside the field of play for his services. 

With as many teams, both locally and outside interested in his services, a fight is now brewing between two football agents both claiming to be representing him, something that might hamper a lucrative move for him. 

Monty Gagomokgwa and Olebile Sikwane claim to have valid contracts with the player. Sikwane claims his contract with the player is into six months and will run for the next three years. 

“My understanding is that Orebonye’s contract with Gagomokgwa has since elapsed and that is why I ended up bringing him to my stable. If ever there is another contract with another agent there are certain procedures that I will follow,” Sikwane says. 

Sikwane says he has had cases of players he represented only for other agents to claim to have running contracts with them and ended up cancelling some of them. 

On the other hand, Gagomokgwa also made it clear he has a contract with Orebonye which is left with a year to elapse. 

“Honestly I have seen in the newspapers that Sikwane is representing my player and I am still trying to get to the bottom of the matter. I have been representing him from his time at Motlakase and Under-17 level and I am the one who brought him to GU. Now since my player is doing well people are now scrambling for his services. Honestly I am still asking myself so many questions. Mind you he cannot go to any team or trials without my knowledge,” he said. 

Efforts to get hold of Orebonye were futile at time of going for press. 


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