Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Filming of documentary on Seretse Khama to start soon

A Botswana documentary, ‘The┬á story of Sir Seretse and Lady Khama’ , is set to reach more and more audience on the international arena as it goes through major dramatization.

The film’s producer, Billy Kokorwe, has been in the UK from the 4th of September to cast actors and models from major agencies. Casting was done in London and Manchester resulting in three models from Source Modeling agency being shortlisted to play the role of Lady Khama whilst the hunt is still on for a young man who will act as Sir Seretse Khama.?Kokorwe said, amongst the chosen cast, the lucky ones will play the roles of Sir Seretse and Lady Khama taking the story from where it began – the young couple’s chance meeting in the 1950s, courtship, incidents of racism from some members of the British public and the controversial marriage, which nearly brought down the Atley government and caused a major rift between the British government and South Africa’s apartheid regime.?Kokorwe said the filming location include London’s famous Trafalgar Square, the flat where the couple stayed in at Nottinghill, London, the church where they got married, which is in the same area, and the suburb of Croydon where they spent their five years in exile.

The cast will be drawn from talented, experienced and good looking British youth with Chief Seretse Khama character being able to master an African (Setswana) accent.

True to the couples famous flare for fashionable clothing, costumes will reflect the trends of the 50’s and 60’s.??Kokorwe said a famous presenter will lead the film and carry the story through as it shifts back and forth from exciting drama to insightful high profile interviews with famous figures in the UK with links to Botswana, which are also on-going.

Meanwhile, one of the highlights of the film and part of the stellar cast in the form of former friend of the Khama’s and British cabinet minister, Tony Benn, has already been interviewed.??The new version of the epic historical film will also feature an exclusive interview with Lady Khama where she reveals her husband and former president’s thoughts and vision for the country, his wishes for the future of its peoples and that of his own family, including┬áhis son and Botswana’s current president.

In the interview, Lady Khama also speaks candidly about her marriage, exile, family life and politics. Other interviewees include the Khama twins, Tshekedi and Anthony, who express their feelings about their parent’s persecution and share their childhood experiences as part of the first family.

Lady Khama’s sister, Muriel Sanderson, adds a refreshingly humorous, at times heart rendering dimension, to the story as she narrates her many encounters with Sir and Lady Khama.

Kokorwe said filming locations in Botswana will include government enclave and Serowe Kgotla. Casting for these locations, which will mainly focus on extras, will begin in November.

The filmmaker said the docu-drama, which is being produced for international television distribution as well as educational purposes, is due to be released next year.


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