Monday, August 8, 2022

Finance academics converge on Gaborone

This coming week will see academics from across the world measuring the economic pulse of the world and giving remedies.

The academics will gather in Boipuso Hall under the 4th African Finance Journal Conference and are expected to deliberate on over 80 topics, ranging from macro, micro and development economics as well as the continent’s corporate well being. The conference has attracted a pool of economics expects from various countries, including amongst others, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, United Kingdom, Lesotho and Tanzania. The hectic schedule is expected to last two days, commencing on Wednesday and ending on Thursday.

Amongst interesting topics that will be discussed at the conference is the controversial issue of integrating the equity market in the continent. There has been an argument sponsored by the big brothers within the capital markets that emerging markets should integrate or affiliate with the already advanced in the continent. This, they argue, would add impetus to the emerging markets as they would leverage their advancement on the already competitive and highly advanced financial markets. There are few developed capital markets in the continent and those that are on the rise have vehemently opposed the idea, arguing that the ‘big brother’ intends to ultimately swallow them.

Botswana is one such country whose stock market is still developing and the country is on course to move forward as it intends to install automation before the central depository system in the near future. Presentation by Campion Chiromba, from Zimbabwe’s National University of Science and Technology, will come in handy for the country.

Chiromba will present on the impact of securitization as an emerging corporate finance strategy in Southern Africa. Despite its economic ills, Zimbabwe’s bourse is one of the exchanges that is performing phenomenally in the region. The conference is sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and hosted by the Botswana Economics Association.


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