Thursday, May 30, 2024

First Capital Bank catches the “CBD flu”


The new Gaborone Central Business District (CBD) seems to be the “place-to-be” for most local businesses as one after another continue to set up new offices there. 

The latest to move-office was none other than First Capital Bank, previously known as Capital Bank. With over a decade in Botswana, newly rebranded First Capital Bank opened its new head office in the capital Gaborone on 30th November. 

While officiating the proceeding’s President Mokgweetsi Masisi, shared that “It gives me great pleasure to be with you this morning in your new head office facility, ‘First Capital House’, which I have been made to understand, is the first and only building in Botswana with a 4 star green rating.”

I am gratified to witness the effective participation of the banking sector in the economic development of this country. This resonates well with my Government’s long standing commitment to ensure that the private sector is our key partner in the drive to grow and diversify our economy. Highlighted President Masisi

Masisi said that of the 160 staff members employed by First Capital Bank of Botswana, 41 per cent are youth aged between 18 and 30 years. The Bank also boasted that it has gender strength of 71 per cent female employees. 

Masisi noted that the realization of the demographic dividend is of paramount and strategic importance for all organizations since the success of Botswana youth is the only guarantee of the long-term economic prospects for the country. 

Meanwhile the Vice chairman of First Capital Bank Raj Patel in his opening remarks said “today we celebrate the opening of our new head office, but we are also celebrating the growth and success of First Capital Bank since we began operation in Botswana a decade ago.”

First Capital Bank currently has four branches in Botswana, three in Gaborone and one in Francistown, and over 160 people employed. 

“So as we open our new head office we are also making a journey to become a leading and nimble, regional banking group that can compete with the best global banking has to offer.” continued Patel

The bank which recently rebranded from Capital bank, strongly believes that through partnerships with their clients they can continue to build the economy and possibly a prosperous future for Botswana.

“As First Capital Bank we are optimistic about the outlook for our country`s economy and we believe in the future of our own business and that of our country and region.” Shared Patel

Chief Executive Office of First Capital Bank Jaco Viljoen said “The opening of our new head office is a moment to celebrate the bank`s success not only in growing our business but in also continuously improving our service to clients.”

“We are proud to have outperformed other players in the local banking industry over the past five years. We know our clients and understand their businesses and the environment they operate in. we will retain this focus on relationships as we continue on our journey to become a leading and nimble regional banking group.” Continued Viljoen

“The name change to First capital bank may seem small, but it represents a far greater step in the evolution of our bank. Our operations under the FMBcapital Holdings group are now represented by a single and cohesive brand in Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.” Shared Viljoen.


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